Ultra Green Star Polyps (GSP)

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A much loved, hardy coral that adds loads of colour and movement!

Common Name: Green Star Polyp, GSP, Starburst Polyp
Scientific name: Briareum sp.
Care Level: Easy (stable water parameters are a must)

Feeding Requirements: Will benefit from microplantonic foods

Lighting Requirements: Medium to High
Flow Requirements: Medium to High

Size: 2-5cm

A truly wonderful beginner coral, the Green Star Polyp, or GSP, will quickly brighten up any tank its placed in, perfect for nano tanks and big tanks alike. The GSP is a colonial coral with a sticky, rubbery purple base from which numerous polyps extend during the day. Polyps typically have eight tentacles, with green being the most common colour. The Colony will spread rapidly under ideal conditions, is non-aggressive, and unlike the somewhat invasive clove polyp, this coral can be easily trimmed back and propagated from cuttings taken from the base. Take care not to put this coral too close to aggressive neighbors, as it will lose any ensuing battle. Attach with coral glue and allow colonies room to spread.

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