Tropic Marin Classic Meersalz Sea Salt 2kg

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Tropic Marin Classic Sea Salt 2kg/60l - Tub

Natural sea salt for all salt water aquariums.
Product description
Tropic Marin® SEA SALT CLASSIC is an ideal foundation for the care and growth of all marine organisms in an aquarium. The salt is made up of all of the macro elements and trace elements in a natural balance, contained within the ocean, and it is free from artificial additives, nitrates and phosphates. It contains appropriate amounts of carbonates and bromates which stabilize the aquariums alkalinity and pH.
With Tropic Marin® SEA SALT CLASSIC you can maintain the alkalinity in a 9-10 °dH range.

All of our sea salts are manufactured with pure, pharmaceutical grade salts. This compliance with the most stringent quality control measures for the production of pharmaceuticals ensures the processing into nature-identical seawater.

• Provides the ideal environment for the care of all marine organisms in the aquarium, including even the most sensitive species.
• To maintain the alkalinity in a 9-10° dKH range.
• Stabilises the pH value.
• Fast and complete solubility in water.
• Free from nitrates, phosphates and other unwanted chemicals.
• Manufactured with pure, pharmaceutical grade salts, which has the most stringent quality control measures for the production of pharmaceuticals.
• Used successfully for many years in zoos, public aquariums and scientific institutions around the world.

Tropic Marin® SEA SALT CLASSIC contains all major- and minor elements in the exact proportions found in tropical sea water.

Major Elements:

Calcium; Chlorine; Magnesium; Potassium; Sodium; Sulfur.

Trace Elements:

Aluminium; Antimony; Arsenic; Barium; Beryllium; Bismuth; Boron; Bromine; Cadmium; Caesium; Carbon; Cerium; Chromium; Cobalt; Copper; Dysprosium; Erbium; Europium; Fluorine; Gadolinium; Gallium; Germanium; Gold; Hafnium; Holmium; Indium; Iodine; Iridium; Iron; Lanthanum; Lead; Lithium; Lutetium; Manganese; Mercury; Molybdenum; Neodymium; Nickel; Niobium; Nitrogen; Osmium; Palladium; Platinum; Praseodymium; Rhenium; Rhodium; Rubidium; Ruthenium; Samarium; Scandium; Selenium; Silicon; Silver; Strontium; Tantalum; Tellurium; Terbium; Thallium; Thorium; Thulium; Tin; Titanium; Tungsten; Vanadium; Ytterbium; Yttrium; Zinc; Zirconium.
Application and dosage
To achieve a salinity level of 32-35 ‰ (psu), dissolve 35 ml (approx. 37-40 g/1.3-1.4 oz.) of Tropic Marin® SEA SALT CLASSIC per litre or approximately ½ cup of Tropic Marin® SEA SALT CLASSIC per US gallon water. Dissolve almost all of the salt in a clean container already filled with the full volume of RO/DI water at a temperature of 73-77°F / 23-25°C while circulating/stirring the water. Do not concentrate the mixture by adding the full amount of salt to a smaller amount of water.
Note: Always add the salt to the water, never the water to the salt.  Making a concentrated mixture will cause a calcium carbonate precipitate to form.
When you have added ALMOST all of the salt and the mixture is fully dissolved and clear, start measuring the specific gravity with a hydrometer or similar instrument. Keep adding small amounts of salt until the specific gravity is the value you desire. The specific gravity of the sea salt solution should range from 1.025 to 1.027 (at 73-77°F / 23-25°C) and the pH-value should be in the range of 8.0 – 8.4. If all parameters are correct, the salt water is ready to use.
After setting up a new aquarium it takes a few weeks of water being circulated and correct lighting conditions to achieve the biologically stable environment required for the care and breeding of delicate marine organisms.
A weekly, partial water change, replacing 10 % of the total water volume with Tropic Marin® SEA SALT CLASSIC, will help to maintain the water quality that your livestock needs for good health.
Other product recommendations
The very accurate, straightforward Tropic Marin® water tests KH/ALKALINITY-TEST or KH/ALKALINITY-TEST PROFESSIONAL and the MAGNESIUM/CALCIUM-COMBITEST are suited for checking the quality of the water and the essential parameters.
For the daily supply of calcium and carbonate hardness, we recommend the new Tropic Marin®  CARBOCALCIUM or the application of the well-known Balling method with the Tropic Marin® BIO-CALCIUM ORIGINAL BALLING components A / B / C.

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