TMC Reef Pump 8000 DC Aquarium Pump

TMC Reef Pump 8000 DC Aquarium Pump

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REEF-Pump 8000 DC Aquarium Pump UK - Max flow rate: 8000 litres per hour

  • High quality, compact DC pump suitable for salt and freshwater aquariums

  • Low voltage (24v)

  • Incorporates the latest electronic pump technology for high power and flow rates combined with efficient energy consumption

  • Super quiet running

  • Variable speed control with up to 20 different speed settings, offering precise adjustment of water flow for optimum performance

  • Integrated feed timer shuts off the pump for 10 minutes to allow easy feeding

  • “Soft Start” feature to increase impeller life

  • 4 pumps in the range – REEF–Pump 2000, REEF-Pump 4000, REEF-Pump 8000 and REEF-Pump 12000