Tetra APS Air Pump

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Size: APS 300
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Tetratec Air Pumps are extremely quiet and powerful they can be used for increasing oxygen levels running air-driven ornaments and operating undergravel filters. They are designed in conjunction with leading sound engineers for maximum noise reduction.

Pump Ratings

APS 50: 10 - 60 Litre Aquariums (1 Outlet) 

APS 100: 50 - 100 Litre Aquariums (1 Outlet) 

APS 150: 80 - 150 Litre Aquariums (1 Outlet) 

APS 300: 120 - 300 Litre Aquariums (2 Outlets) 

APS 400: 250 - 600 Litre Aquariums (2 Outlets) 

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