Pink Sakura Zoa’s (WYSIWYG)

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A cherry blossom of Zoanthids ready for the spring season!

Common Name: Pink Sakura Zoanthid

Scientific name: Zoanthus sp.
Care Level: Easy (mildly toxic, take care when handling this coral with any cuts on hands)
Feeding Requirements: Microplankton, reefroids and amino acids
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Lighting Requirements: Medium
Flow Requirements: Low to Medium

7+ Polyps 

Named after the famous cherry blossoms of Japan, these bright pink zoanthids flouresce like crazy under ideal lighting. Sakura Zoanthids possess bright pink tentacles, with pink oral discs, green mouths and concentric blue markings. Like all zoanthids these polyps propagate by budding, gradually covering the rockwork as they grow, and will compete for space with other corals. Zoanthids are relatively hardy, but do require appropriate iodine levels in the water, which can usually be replenished with regular water changes.

Please note that all livestock on our website is for Saltwater Aquariums only. Appropriate research and preparation is strongly recommended. For any questions feel free to contact us on the website, by phone or through social media.

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