Pink Panther chalice (WYSIWYG)

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Mysterious and colourful!

Common Name: Pink Panther Chalice

Scientific name: Echinopora lamellosa
Care Level: Moderate (stable water parameters are a must)
Feeding Requirements: Zooplankton, reefroids, LPS Pellets and amino acid solutions are recommended for long term health.
Lighting Requirements: Medium to High
Flow Requirements: Medium to High

The Pink Panther chalice is a very colourful coral that is sure to draw attention in any reef tank, with flashes of red, orange and pink throughout with orange polyps. The Echinopora Chalice Coral prefers a horizontal placement on flat rocks where it will plate out in a similar fashion to Montipora. Ensure sufficient space is provided for this coral to grow as it can be aggressive towards close neighbors and handle with care as this coral is easily damaged. While usually a slow grower, this coral will reward pristine water and feeding with faster growth.

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