Orange leptoseris (WYSIWYG)

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A leptoseris that simply looks as beautiful as a sunset!

Common Name: Orange Leptoseris

Scientific name: Leptoseris sp.
Care Level: Moderate (stable water parameters are a must)
Feeding Requirements: Zooplankton, Reefroids and Small Coral Pellets
Lighting Requirements: Medium
Flow Requirements: Medium to High

Orange is a rare colour among corals, and these leptoseris have an abundance of it. Each colony consists of a strongly textured orange/maroon plate with many bright orange polyps flourescing under the light, like a field of golden specs. Like all leptoseres, these corals will plate out rapidly in ideal conditions, forming a lumpy tiered structure that can sometimes be as tall as it is wide. A strong random current benefits this coral, and it will be fairly hardy under such conditions, but ensure it has sufficient space to grow as it can be aggressive to other corals.



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