Montipora Digitata (WYSIWYG)

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A tough alternative to Acropora that can grow rapidly!

Common Name (s): Montipora Digitata, Finger Coral, Digi

Scientific name: Montipora digitata
Care Level: Moderate (stable water parameters are a must)
Feeding Requirements: Zooplankton, reefroids and amino acid solutions are recommended for long term health.
Lighting Requirements: High
Flow Requirements: Medium to High

A species of Montipora that both encrusts and grows vertically in finger-like columns. Digi's make a wonderful coral for anyone just getting into SPS reefs, as they are relatively tough and manifest in a wide variety of colours. This coral can grow fairly rapidly, but must be handled with care as it is easily damaged. This coral will bleach quite quickly if parameters aren't right, so care must be taken to ensure the tank is stable. Attach with milliput or coral glue with the colony facing upwards.

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