Hozelock Ecopower+ Pond UVC Filter

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The Ecopower+ is a high performance above ground filter system that combines mechanical and biological filtration and an integrated UVC.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Combines mechanical and Kaldnes K3 biological filtration with a high wattage UVC to offer suberb filtration for your pond
  • Comes with a Clearwater Guarantee

Ecopower+ is a high performance external filter that combines mechanical and biological filtration with an integrated high wattage UVC. The unit is suited for use above ground, in-ground or concealed at the top of a waterfall.

Used with the appropriate pond pump and backed by the Hozelock Cyprio Clearwater Gurantee, Ecopower+ will improve water clarity, remove unwanted solid matter from the pond and convert dissolved organic and chemical fish waste into harmless compounds.

How does Ecopower+ work?

  1. This filter can be partially buried in the ground, water enters the filter through a stepped hosetail (20/25/32/40mm).
  2. From here it passes into the UV chamber. The UV chamber features a “turbulator” to ensure that the water is exposed correctly to the UV light produced by the 8w UV bulb. This clumps the algae that causes greenwater together.
  3. The water then passes through a venturi to aerate it.
  4. The water passes into the bottom of the filter, passes through the biological media, and rises up through the foam filters. Waste in the bottom chamber can be desludged.
  5. The water exits through 32mm pipework This filter will look after 170cm of fish, and has a maximum flow rate of 2000 lph.

The biological media preserves beneficial bacteria, enabling them to purify the water and remove fish waste. The foam filters remove debris and solid waste.

Important: This product is NOT SUBMERSIBLE and must only be installed in an upright vertical position. Locate the Ecopower+ on firm, level ground where you can access it conveniently.

Above Ground:                 In-ground/partially buried:        At the top of a waterfall:

Available in 3 sizes: 


Ecopower+ 4000 UVC for pond up to 8000 ltrs (without fish)

Ecopower+ 6000 UVC for pond up to 12000 ltrs (without fish)

Ecopower+ 10000 UVC for pond up to 20000 ltrs (without fish)

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