Hellfire Torch

Hellfire Torch

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Common Name: Hellfire Torch Coral

Scientific name: Euphyllia glabrescens
Care Level: Moderate (stable water parameters are a must, handle all euphyllia with care to avoid damage)
Feeding Requirements: Zooplanktons, reefroids and will benefit from weekly target feeding.
Lighting Requirements: Medium
Flow Requirements: Low to Medium

A truly stunning coral that burns like fire into the eyes of the beholder, the Hellfire Torch Coral is a rare colour morph of Torch Coral which once again is native to the Indo-Pacific. The coral's colours are similar to those of the Dragon Soul torch, but sporting illuminous tips on the tentacles with an intense yellow-orange tint on the flesh of the tentacles themselves tapering like flames along their length. Under ideal conditions this colour will continue to manifest as the coral grows, making for a truly unique sight in any Torch Coral garden. As with all Torch corals, specimens often do not get along with other species of euphyllia such as Hammer Corals, and will sting any nearby competitors, so make sure to allow plenty of room between this coral and its neighbors......lest it sets them on fire. This coral can be secured with milliput to rockwork and will happily grow out naturally.