Green Favites (WYSIWYG)

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An ideal starting point for those getting into LPS Corals!

Common Name: Green Favites

Scientific name: Favites pentagona
Care Level: Moderate (stable water parameters are a must, handle all walled euphyllia with care to avoid damage)
Feeding Requirements: Zooplanktons, reefroids and will benefit from weekly target feeding.
Lighting Requirements: Medium
Flow Requirements: Medium

A wonderful LPS coral for both its hardiness and colour, with a bright green that draws the eye and sooths the mind . A close relative of the Favia, Favites Brain Corals are some of the most common and prolific corals found on the reef, forming vast dome shaped colonies as they grow. While this species has relatively small polyps, it will aggressively attack any coral that gets too close, using its mesenterial filaments and sweeper tentacles. As with most Brain Corals this species is fairly easy to maintain, leave a good space between this coral and its neighbors and place at the bottom on a flat rock or sand bed.

Please note that all livestock on our website is for Saltwater Aquariums only. Appropriate research and preparation is strongly recommended. For any questions feel free to contact us on the website, by phone or through social media.

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