Emerald crab

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Common Name(s): Emerald Crab

Scientific name: Mithraculus sculptus
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Feeding Requirements: Omnivore
Reef Compatible:Yes
Max Size: 2½"

A Mithrax Crab well known for its scavenging abilities, the Emerald Crab is beloved for its tendency to consume nuisance bubble algae in the tank. As this crab is primarily nocturnal, it may not be seen for the first few days, hiding in rockwork till dark. Once settled however, it will come out to scavenge during the day. A well established tank with plenty of rockwork is recommended, as well as plenty of food to scavenge. If underfed, an occasional specimen may pick at corals, invertebrates or small fish. Dried seaweed and algae pellets, as well as meaty foods, will keep this crab peaceful and healthy.

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