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Latin name: Catalaphyllia

Care Level: Intermediate (LPS) 

Approx Size: 10-15cm

Lighting: Low-Mid

Flow :Moderate

Feeding: Ideal foods include Phytomaxx, Mysis, Pellets and ReefRoids 

Feed :2-3 times per week

Acclimation: Drip acclimation is advised between 30-60 minutes

Recommended Parameters: 

SG - 1.024-1.026 

Calcium - 410-440

Alkalinity - 8-9DKH 

Magnesium - 1350-1450


One of the most interesting and unique corals you can keep in a tank. The fleshy mantle and tentacles of
this coral can often extend to four times the size of the base, fluorescing beautifully under actinic lighting.
Place on a sand bed with the base partially buried and handle with care as this coral possesses a sticky,
irritating sting.


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