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Ocean Breeze Cooling Fans

High temperatures in an aquarium can cause stress and disease. Not everyone has the budget or space for a refrigerant chiller and so a simple solution is to chill your tank by evaporative cooling.

This low-cost solution simply involves blowing a stream of air over the surface of your tank or sump to increase evaporation, which creates evaporative cooling.

There are plenty of low-cost fans on the market however the OCEAN BREEZE units are different, with each fan running on ball bearings, compared with similar cheaper versions where the plastic fan runs directly on the shaft.

This feature adds to the cost but significantly increases the life and reduces noise levels from the fans.


4 Fan:

• Cools aquarium by increasing evaporation
• Quiet, long life fans, with ball bearing and brush-free motor
• Fits tank rim up to 12 mm 
• 90 degree adjustable brackets to adjust fan angle
• 12 V low voltage power 5.8W
• Total air volume: 120,000 l/h
• Corrosion proof plastic construction
• Best results obtained by fan blowing air across water surface

Complimentary Products

The Ocean Breeze matches perfectly with the Dual Temperature Controller which will turn your cooling fans off and on according to your set temperature.

Our Titanium Heaters compliment the set to capture full control of the aquarium temperature, creating less stress for your corals and fish.

Banish Temperature Problems

Using one or more Ocean Breeze units will allow you to reduce the temperature of your aquarium, using a controller, or even with a simple timer, set to run at the hottest part of the day.

Test Case

The image below shows the Apex temperature plot of a 550lt aquarium. 

The 5ft tank runs 3 x HYDRA 26 HD and is set to run at 26.6C and alarm at 27.75C. You can clearly see the difference in temperature on the first day, before the Ocean Breeze was fitted, where temperatures are exceeding the alarm point, and the subsequent period after the unit was installed.

This simple addition has allowed the Apex to be able to control the temperature by switching the fans off and on as required.



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