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Cloverleaf Absolute Aquarium Pearls are a completely natural product designed to create and maintain a healthy aquarium environment. Absolute Aquarium pearls contain a mix of microscopic nitrifying bacteria and bio active enzymes which work together to rapidly break down any toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite which may build up.

The bio active enzymes work tirelessly to break down any waste and uneaten food to prevent sludge from building up in your aquarium and filter system. The reduction of sludge and waste results in noticeably cleaner and clearer aquarium water.

How To Use Cloverleaf Absolute Aquarium Pearls:
Simply drop the contents of Absolute Pearls into a filter bag or directly into the water where the bacteria and enzymes start to get to work.

Dose Rate:
1 x Absolute Aquarium Pearl Treats up to 25 litres

For Newly Set Up Aquariums:
- Day 1 Add 2 Pearl per 25L
- Day 2 Add 1 Pearl per 25L
- Day 3 Add 1 Pearl per 25L

We recommend adding 1 Absolute Aquarium Pearl per 25L weekly to provide a boost to filtration and maintain a healthy aquarium.

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