Cloverleaf Absolute Adult Axolotl & Frog Sinking Pellet 250g


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Absolute Adult Axolotl & Frog Diet

250g Absolute Adult Axolotl & Frog Diet

Absolute 49% High Protein Sinking Adult Axolotl & frog Pellets

Specifically developed for bottom feeders

Absolute Adult Axolotl & Frog offers a nutrient mix comparable with live foods without the risk of parasites or bacteria that they could contain 

Absolute Adult Axolotl & Frog Pellets rapidly become soft by absorbing water whilst retaining their desirable shape with low clouding 

Feeding Guide:

Feed twice daily at the amount your Axolotl or Frog will completely consume in a few minutes. 

Care should be taken to avoid overfeeding.


4.5mm Pellet

Analysis (%)

Ash 8.3 Protein 54% Fat 15 Crude Fibre 1.5 Calcium 1.6 Total P 1.19 Sodium 0.4

Vitamins added:

Vitamin A (IE/kg) 11999 Vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 732 Vitamin E (mg/kg) 240 

Vitamin C (stable) (mg/kg) 675 

Energy (Mj/kg) :

Gross Energy 21.1 Digestible Energy 17.9 

Trace elements (mg/kg): Copper 5.5mg Iodine 5.5mg Iron 66mg Manganese 22mg Zinc 99mg


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