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ClariSea SK3000XL & SK5000XL FLEECE


Increased flow through the media for longer life

  • Improved dirt removal for cleaner water and darker rolls
  • Reduced effect on skimmer foam when first changing a new roll
  • Improved water resistance of centre disposable core
  • 40m roll length - 60% longer than the original 25m rolls
  • Made in Europe
  • 100% recyclable polypropylene

Flow Rate vs Filter Life

The higher the flow rate through the fleece, the less time the roll will last.This chart is based on actual metered flow rate readings on a fully stocked established reef aquarium.


ClariSea Installation Height vs Filter Life

The pressure to force such a large flow rate of water through such a fine fleece is created by the head height of the water in the ClariSea unit above the water level in the sump. 

The higher this difference is between the two levels, the higher the head pressure, and the easier it is to force the same amount of water through smaller and smaller holes created as the fleece blocks.  The perfect height would therefore be with the opening to the silencing plates being about 1-2 cm (1/2-1") below the water surface. (On the tests for the 'flow vs filter life' chart, the bottom of the ClariSea was submerged 11cm below the surface).

The deeper the Clarisea sits in the water, the less head pressure exists to force water through the fleece and therefore the shorter the life of the roll.

Other Factors that Affect Filter Life

Factors affecting the life of the fleece are:

1 - Water flow (volume)

2 - Filter installation height above the water.

3 - Dirty tank.

4 - Greedy fish

5 - Excessive Carbon Dosing

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