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Betta Choice External Canister Filter

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Betta Canister filter with built-in UV steriliser. Unfiltered water flows in from the aquarium and into the UV chamber where harmful bacteria and parasites are neutralised. The water then flows into a multi-stage filtration system passing through the media trays and flowing to the top clean and clear it is then pumped back into the aquarium. Comes complete with media.Built in UV tilt safety switch Patented revolutionary one pump ez prime system Built in surface skimmer Colour coded quick release valve

Filter Ratings

700: 7w UV, Up To 150 Litre Aquarium

1050: 7w UV, Up To 230 Litre Aquarium

1620: 9w UV, Up To 360 Litre Aquarium

2000: 13w UV, Up To 540 Litre Aquarium