Aquaone MiniReef 120 Marine Fish Tank Set


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The Ideal Start to your Saltwater Reef Experience!

Aquarium Specifications:

Model: MiniReef 120
Volume In Litres: 120
Dimensions: 60W x 45D x 45H cm
Glass Thickness: 8mm



Cabinet Model: MiniReef 120 Cabinet
Cabinet Colour: Gloss Black, or Gloss White
Cabinet Dimensions: 60W x 45D x 76H cm



Lighting:  StripGlo LED Lighting
Filtration: Includes Sump
The MiniReef features a glass sump filtration system for housing  a heater, return pump and protein skimmer (Sold separately)
All pipework is provided to connect the sump and the aquarium via the compact side weir system in the aquarium.
The all important lighting is provided by the powerful StripGlow LED lighting system. This mounts onto the aquarium using the feet provided, and can be used with or without the optional aquarium cover glass.

Key Features:

- Made from Ultra Clear Opti White glass
- High output, LED lighting provides ample lighting to support the growth of SPS and LPS corals.
- The Sump filtration system is large enough to provide space for all industry standard sump skimmers and equipment.

The water and salt resistant melamine cabinets are pre-assembled.

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