Aqua One Oakstyle 230 Nash Oak Aquarium Set

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OakStyle HomeStyle Collection

A unique Nash Oak colour and design, available in 110, 145 and 230 models

The Aqua One OakStyle HomeStyle has a unique cabinet design in a modern Nash Oak finish.

The OakStyle HomeStyle comes complete with powerful LED lighting, a reliable EFX 200  filter to keep the water clean and a heater for a tropical set up.

Key Features:

  • Euro style bracing system with easy access glass lids.
  • Useful real drawers
  • Stylish slimline handles
  • Complete with heater, filter (internal/external model dependent).
  • Powerful LED lighting, featuring white & RGB* LEDS, with separate Blue LED funcition. *RGB = Red, Green, Blu


Model: OakStyle HomeStyle 230

Aquarium Model: OakStyle 230 HomeStyle Aquarium

Volume In Litres: 245

Dimensions: 116W x 38D x 60H cm

Glass Thickness: 8mm

Aquarium Colour: Nash Oak

Cabinet Model: Nash Oak HomeStyle 230 Cabinet

Cabinet Colour: Nash Oak

Cabinet Dimensions: 123W x 41D x 78H cm

Heater: 300W

Lighting: LED

Filtration: EFX 300

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