Aqua One Natural Gravel Phantom Black 2kg


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Aqua One Natural Gravel is true to its name, being a natural gravel with no added colours, making it safe for fish and aquatic life. It allows replication of a natural environment providing a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fish and aquatic animal safe.
  • Can be used as layered substrate for planted and shrimp tanks.
  • Can be used for decorating aquariums, fish bowls and vases

Specifications: Available in 4 sizes

  • 12209 - Natural Gravel Phantom Black 2kg
  • 12219 - Natural Gravel Phantom Black 5kg
  • 12229 - Natural Gravel Phantom Black 10kg
  • 12248 - Natural Gravel Phantom Black 20kg

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