WYSIWYG Alveopora (Daisy Coral)

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Common Name: Daisy Coral, Alveopora

Scientific name: Alveopora allingi
Care Level: Moderate (stable water parameters are a must)
Feeding Requirements: Zooplanktons, reefroids and amino acid solutions are recommended for long term health.
Lighting Requirements: Medium
Flow Requirements: Low to Medium

A truly wonderful coral providing lots of movement to any tank, bearing an even greater resemblance to a bouquet of flowers than its relative, Goniopora. This Flowerpot Coral distinguises itself from Goniopora by having only twelve tentacles at the end of its stalks, as opposed to 24 for Goniopora, which can often be brightly coloured under actinic lighting. As with the Goniopora, Alveopora can extend to up to four times the size of its base, as such it should be given plenty of room to expand, not too close to any neighbors.


Size : Approx 2-4"

*For Salt Water Aquariums Only.

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